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Joy’s light…

“Hello Mrs. Seitz!  Hello Mr. Seitz!”   Such a loud, exciting (well-mannered) voice.  A little comical at times and a tall order of laughter.   That’s Joy.  Such a big voice…a bit deep and fast.  What a fitting name for someone with so much energy.  So smart and bright.    She’s going to have to find that light again.  I’m sure it’s a bit dim today.  Her Dad is gone.  He died.    She’s only 12.

This is my outlet. Writing.  Well, and crying.  I’m mad.  I’m mad this happened.  I’m mad he’s gone.  I hate all the sweet little words people say…for instance, my heart is heavy for you, deepest condolences, no words can express my sorrow… I don’t know what to say!  I can’t think of anything nice to say.   How about…This sucks. This totally sucks and I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry and I hate that this happened.

Coach Geoff.  He is a good coach.  It wasn’t all about winning to him at least he made us feel this way.  He helped my daughter with technique and throwing.   He wasn’t in the girl’s faces..yelling or screaming…I honestly barely remember him saying much of anything.   He did his thing and they liked him.   He IS a good guy. I’m mad…okay..and so sad to see him go.

It’s going to be a while before I see that very bright light again in Joy.  I totally get it.  I understand.  She’ll find it again when she’s ready and I hope she gets so mad and screams and cries and says how much this sucks.  Then I hope she can smile and remember the last time she told him she loved him and the hugs she gave him and the way he smelled when they sat together on the couch or when he said goodnight and tucked her in.  The time he devoted to coaching her team after team…after team.   He IS such a huge part of why Joy is so bright and happy.  She’ll find her light again…I know it.  It will always be there inside her will never leave her.  Always there… just needs some time to be dim.

I’m sorry.  This sucks.




Cheer Friends…

Well, okay, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of photographer.    That’s good and bad.    If I have a minute, I’ll use it.  If I find out I have two (open) hours to do a photo project I’ve been thinking about, I’ll see who is available too!  So, as usual, I throw out an email saying I’d love to do a photo shoot THIS weekend of the cheerleaders if you aren’t busy ( which most everyone is, of course!) come out and let me try some fun shots on the girls.  I really have such good parents, they are pretty understanding when it comes to my craziness.  I thank them for putting up with me!!

And my good friend, Jenny, was nice enough to video while shot. It was so fun!  Check out her film debut at the end of this post!  LOVE her!!!  She always says ‘yes’ to me!


and here’s a few of my shots…